Key takeaways from “Yes, College is Worth It”

For every dollar invested in the Florida College System (FCS), the state’s taxpayers fully recovered their original investment and reaped an additional return of $5.80. That’s one of the findings in a recent Florida TaxWatch analysis titled, “Independent Assessment of...

Florida adopts “SAIL to 60” postsecondary attainment goal

Recognizing that increasing the talent pipeline is vital for Florida’s continued growth and economic prosperity, Governor Ron DeSantis today signed House Bill 7071 (HB 7071), a forward-thinking workforce education package to strengthen the state’s talent pool. HB...

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While headlines question the value of a college degree, research continues to show a positive return on investment for credential completers. A recent Florida TaxWatch analysis found the benefits of earning a postsecondary credential is also good for...

FutureMakers Coalition releases 2018 Outcomes Report

As it works towards its goal of transforming Southwest Florida’s workforce along the cradle-to-career pathway, the FutureMakers Coalition recently released its 2018 Outcomes Report. The coalition is a Local College Access Network. Since its inception in 2014,...

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