Today’s young adults are much less likely to have had a paid summer job or been employed in the last year, and the pandemic has only exacerbated these trends. ​Many employers find that recent high school and college graduates lack “soft skills” or are not “career ready.”

In August, employers and education leaders gathered at Florida College Access Network’s (FCAN) first employer forum to discuss what it means to be “career ready” and to learn more about the state of career preparation in Florida.

The forum brought together over 40 employers from around the state who represent chambers of commerce, education, IT, law, allied health, skilled trades, robotics, and nonprofits to share their perspectives on the attributes and skills needed to meet the demands of Florida’s dynamic workplace. Participants shared what career readiness looks like today and brainstormed ways for employers, communities, and higher education advocates to support students preparing for their careers.

This forum and brief were made possible by the generous support of:



Visit FCAN’s “Research & Data” section to learn more and download the brief.


Key takeaways from FCAN Webinar — Lost in Translation: Helping Students Translate College Experience into Professional Skills Employers Value

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