Florida College Access Network

Florida College Access Network (FCAN) is at the heart of a movement to ensure all Floridians have the opportunity to achieve an education beyond high school and prosper in our dynamic economy.

By partnering with leaders, educators and communities throughout Florida—especially through community alliances called local college access networks (LCANs)—we strive to achieve the State of Florida’s SAIL to 60 goal: for at least 60% of Florida adults to hold degrees and workforce-relevant credentials by 2030.

Recognizing that increasing Florida’s talent pipeline is vital for continued growth and economic prosperity, the SAIL to 60 Initiative (SAIL stands for “Strengthening Alignment between Industry and Learning”) sets an ambitious goal for the state to increase the percentage of Florida adults holding high-value postsecondary degrees, certificates, or training experiences to 60% by 2030. Currently, 54.5% of Floridians hold such credentials.

We believe that with all of us working together, Florida will achieve its SAIL to 60 goal. By transforming our systems, policies and practices to break down barriers to student success—especially for low-income students, adult learners, and others who don’t fit the “traditional” college student mold—we can build a vibrant future for Florida students and our state.


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