Apply Yourself Florida

Apply Yourself Florida is part of the American College Application Campaign, a nationwide effort to increase the number of low-income and first-generation students applying to college. This event gives students the opportunity to complete their college applications during normal school hours with the help of trained volunteers.

When is Apply Yourself Florida?

Host sites hold Apply Yourself Florida events in October or November, depending on their specific needs. If you would like to learn about events hosted in your area, contact Adriana Pavicic, FCAN’s Community Engagement Coordinator.

What does a host site need to participate in Apply Yourself Florida?
  • A computer lab for students to use during the event
  • A site coordinator to serve as point person and organizer of the event
  • Volunteers to assist students during the event
  • A strategy to collect data about how many students attend the event and how many applications are submitted
What else can host sites do?
How can I get support for my event?

Register to get free access to promotional materials from FCAN, like posters and stickers.

Check out our resources below to learn more about hosting an event:

Get Involved!

  • Register as a College Ready Florida host site
  • Download the Introduction to College Ready Florida guide
  • Questions? Contact Adriana Pavicic, FCAN's Community Engagement Coordinator

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