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Increasing Florida’s talent pipeline is vital for continued growth and economic prosperity, and the state aims to increase the percentage of working-age Floridians with degrees and workforce-relevant credentials to 60% by 2030.

To meet our upcoming workforce needs, Florida must be College Ready.

“If it wasn’t for my counselor believing in me and encouraging me, I don’t believe I’d be going to college.”

– Citrus County student, Spring 2020

College Ready Florida is a series of 4 statewide initiatives aimed at supporting a college-going culture by helping students plan for their futures, navigate the college-going process, and access and complete a postsecondary education. These initiatives focus on students at all grade levels and place special emphasis on low-income and first-generation college students.





How Can I Participate in College Ready Florida?

  • Sign up to be a host site. Public high schools and community organizations like Local College Access Networks (LCANs), Boys and Girls clubs, YMCAs, and libraries can all host College Ready Florida events.
  • Serve on a planning committee. Many host site coordinators form planning committees comprised of school faculty, community members, parents, and students.
  • Volunteer. Volunteers can help students with applications, provide technical support, distribute stickers, and more.
  • Provide donations. Businesses and community members can support College Ready Florida by providing snacks and refreshments for volunteers and students, or by donating raffle prizes.
  • Spread the word! Share your stories on social media using the hashtags #PlanItFL, #ApplyYourselfFL, #FAFSAFL, and #DecisionDayFL.

Why Should Host Sites Sign Up?

  • Get free stuff! FCAN provides stickers and other promotional materials to schools that register their Apply Yourself Florida events.
  • Get connected. When host sites register, FCAN connects them with college access advocates and experts in their communities who can support their events.
  • Get recognized. FCAN loves to celebrate the successes of our host sites. We highlight awesome College Ready Florida events on social media, on our blog, and in our newsletter.

FCAN thanks the following for their generous support of the College Ready Florida initiatives

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