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Florida College Access Network webinars highlight innovative practices that support FCAN’s mission of ensuring all Floridians have the opportunity to achieve an education beyond high school and prosper in Florida’s dynamic economy. Click the webinar title below to watch a recording of each webinar, download the PowerPoint slides, read key takeaways, and more.

Education Attainment for Specialized Populations

Foster Care: Improving Postsecondary Education Success for Former Foster Youth (May 2019)
Rural Students
: Meeting the College Access and Success Needs or Rural Students (Dec 2018)
Low-Income Students: No Excuses Poverty Initiative: Building Systemic Support for Low-Income Students (Jun 2018)
Transfer Students: How Florida is Using Partnerships and Pathways to Meet the Needs of Today’s Transfer Students (May 2018)
Adult Students: Getting to the Finish Line: Unique Postsecondary Barriers Adult Students Face (Mar 2018)
Undocumented Students: Supporting Florida’s Undocumented Students (Nov 2015)

College and Career Readiness

Career Fairs: Students Can’t Be What They Can’t See: Making the Most of Career Fairs (Apr 2019)
Career and Technical Education:
Tech Express: Building Stackable Credentials with CTE (Mar 2019)
: Revealing Potential: Proven Mentoring Strategies from Take Stock in Children (Jan 2019)
Internships: Lost in Translation II: Aligning Business and Education to Create More Student Internship Opportunities (Sep 2018)
Soft Skills: Lost in Translation: Helping Students Translate College Experience into Professional Skills Employers Value (Feb 2018)
Middle Skills: Good Jobs Require More Education (But Not Always a BA!) (Jan 2018)
Career Preparation: Connecting Education & Jobs in Florida webinar series
Part 1: Understanding Credentials (Oct 2016)
Part 2: Florida Workforce Trends and Demands (Nov 2016)
Part 3: How Partnerships Can Boost Degrees in High-Demand Fields (Dec 2016)
Career Exploration: Introducing FloridaShines (Sep 2015)
College Exploration:
•  Choosing the Right College with College Scorecard (Apr 2016)
•  How Can We Help Students Make Better College Decisions? (Oct 2015)

Financial Aid /Affordability

Return on Investment: Yes, College is Worth It (Jun 2019)
Need-Based Aid
: Thankful4Pell: The Past, Present and Future of Need-Based Aid (Nov 2018)
Financial Literacy: Hands on Banking: Helping Students Afford College Through Sound Money Management (Apr 2018)
Verification: FAFSA is Not Enough: How Verification Keeps Students from Entering College (Aug 2018)
Scholarships: Scholarship Innovation: How Funders and Communities are Meeting the Needs of Today’s Students (Feb 2018)

Community Collaboration and Resources

Food and Housing Insecurity: Support Students Beyond Tuition: A Look at Food and Housing Insecurity on College Campuses (Oct 2019)
Non-Academic Barriers:
Stay: How Community Collaboration Helps Students Stay in College by Meeting “Life” Needs (Mar 2019)
Collective Impact:
Better Together: How Collective Impact 3.0 Helps Communities Collaborate For Greater Student Success (Oct 2018)
Financial Barriers: Meet ALICE: A Look at Florida’s Financially Struggling Population and How Communities are Using Data for Change (Oct 2018)
Community Collaboration: No Dollar Left Behind: Organizing a Community-Based Approach to FAFSA Completion (Sep 2018)

College Ready Florida

On-Demand Webinar: College Ready Florida (Sep 2016)

Plan It Florida

Plan It Florida: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs (Sep 2019)

Florida FAFSA Challenge:

Busting the Affordability Barrier: What You Need to Know About this Year’s Florida FAFSA Challenge (Dec 2017)
Rising to the Challenge: Resources and Strategies to Boost FAFSA Completion in Florida (Oct 2016)
FAFSA “Learn and Share” for School Counselor, Advisors and Community Partners (Feb 2016)
Announcing the 2016 Florida FAFSA Challenge (Dec 2015)
It’s FAFSA Season: Let the Funds Begin! (Jan 2015)

College Decision Day:

$500 for College Decision Day: How Better Make Room is Helping Schools Celebrate Students (Apr 2018)


For media inquiries and more information about our work, contact FCAN’s communications manager:

John Ceballos
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