Local College Access Networks (LCANs) are taking root in Florida. These collaborative, community-based alliances are organized around helping students prepare for, apply to and successfully complete their postsecondary educations. A new webinar released by the Florida College Access Network introduces the basics for forming an LCAN and describes resources available to support their development.

The on-demand, go-at-your-own-pace webinar

  • Covers the importance of increasing postsecondary attainment in Florida;
  • Details the roles, functions, and organizational structure of LCANs;
  • Provides tips on how communities can work together to form their own local college access networks;
  • Describes the support that Florida College Access Network can provide to communities forming LCANs, including technical assistance and funding opportunities.

LCANs are community-based college access alliances supported by a team of community and education leaders representing K-12, higher education, the nonprofit sector, government, business, and philanthropy. These coalitions are committed to building a college-going culture and dramatically increasing college readiness, participation, and completion rates in their communities. By working together, LCAN members coordinate and enhance programs, services, and resources that lower barriers to students pursuing postsecondary education opportunities. They set goals based on a shared vision, establish shared metrics for measuring the effectiveness of their strategies, and share accountability for the results.

Thanks to support from the Helios Education Foundation, the Florida College Access Network offers technical assistance as well as funding opportunities to communities launching local college access networks.  The webinar provides information about these and other resources.

The half-hour webinar, offered in a PowerPoint slideshow with audio format, can be accessed here.  For more information, or for questions on how to form or participate in a local college access network in your community, contact Anh-Kay Pizano, Assistant Director of Operations, at apizano@floridacollegeaccess.org.

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