Did you know tens of thousands of Florida’s high school seniors fail to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), leaving behind over $100 million in Pell Grants each year?  Luckily, school counselors, advisors, mentors and other college access professionals across the state are using data, implementing strategies and setting goals to boost the number of students completing the FAFSA.

Join Florida College Access Network for a special “learn and share” webinar on Wednesday, February 10th at 3pm to learn more about approaches being used in Florida and other parts of the country to help make college affordable for students.

One strategy you will hear about is student-level FAFSA completion data, which several school districts will be using for the first time this year.  Lori Auxier, Director of Outreach Services at the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance, will go over the process for requesting such data from the State and how the data can be used at your local district and schools.

Knowing which students have and have not completed the form has been an effective strategy other states have used to increase FAFSA completion, which is why we have invited experts from Colorado, Illinois and Michigan to share their experiences and “best practices” for using student-level data.

We will also discuss how your school can earn recognition and prizes for boosting FAFSA completion as part of the Florida FAFSA Challenge announced last month, as well as our previously released toolkit and FAFSA Finish Line data dashboard.

Event Details: 
Webinar: FAFSA “Learn and Share” for School Counselors, Advisors & Community Partners
Date and Time: February 10th from 3:00-4:15PM ET
Registration: http://bit.ly/1WxIGOJ


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