On Thursday, March 29, Florida College Access Network was pleased to host Eric Waldo, executive director for Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room initiative, for a webinar highlighting exciting opportunities for schools hosting Florida College Decision Day events.

Mr. Waldo spoke with attendees about the history of Better Make Room, the growth of the initiative, and resources and strategies available to help schools and communities celebrate their students.

The Growth of Decision Day

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room initiative began in 2014, when she hosted her first Signing Day event in San Antonio Texas. Since then, participation in similar events across the country has grown exponentially.

In 2015, Better Make Room reported that 600 schools hosted these celebrations nationwide. As of last year, more than 1,500 schools in the United States were participating.

The event’s popularity has also grown across the state of Florida. In 2016, 74 schools participated in Decision Day. In 2018, 236 schools in Florida have already registered to host an event.

$45,000 in Funding Available to Host Florida College Decision Day Events

This year, the College Football Playoff Foundation and Better Make Room have partnered to distribute $100,000 of funding to schools hosting College Decision Day. Of that $100,000 at least $45,000 has been earmarked to fund Florida schools! Schools are eligible for grants of up to $500 to fund their Decision Day events.

How Do I Get the Grant Funding?

To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  1. Be registered as a host site with either Florida College Access Network or Better Make Room
  2. Be a current teacher or school counselor at a public school

If you meet these requirements, you can apply for the grant by following these steps:

  1. Create a school counselor or teacher account with Donors Choose
  2. Create a project with the materials you need to host your Decision Day event
  3. Once your project has been submitted, Donors Choose will review it
  4. After Donors Choose approves your project, email reachhigher@civicnation.org with a link to your event

More Resources to Help With Your Decision Day Event

Be sure to visit our Past Webinars page for access to recordings and downloadable material from FCAN’s previous presentations.

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