Guest presenters:

  • Steve J. Rios, Senior Director, Positive Pathways Program
  • Jasmine Moore, College Coach, Educate Tomorrow
  • Patrick Simon, President, Citrus County Coalition for College and Careers

FCAN host: Adriana Pavicic, Community Engagement Coordinator

Since 2013, more than 3,500 students in Florida have graduated from a college or university in the state using the Department of Children and Families’ tuition and fee exemption.

On November 3, FCAN hosted a webinar highlighting DCF’s tuition and fee exemption, along with many of the other resources and supports available to help students from foster care and homeless settings as they pursue their education dreams.

“In our state, we have a wealth of resources and professionals who are willing to work with these students to make sure they maximize their opportunities,” said Jasmine Moore, a college coach with Educate Tomorrow, a Miami-based nonprofit with a long history of helping former foster youth graduate from college and succeed in life.

Educate Tomorrow administers the Positive Pathways program, which supports foster care liaisons at each Florida College System and State University System campus through technical assistance, professional development, and connections to funding for postsecondary students.

The webinar also highlighted the work of the Citrus County Coalition for College and Careers, and how the LCAN is prioritizing support for students in foster care and first-generation students with the increasingly complex college application process.

You can watch the entire webinar, download the presentation, and access more materials related to foster youth supports via the following resources:

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Be sure to visit our Past Webinars page for access to recordings and downloadable material from FCAN’s previous presentations.

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