Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart

“We’re at such a unique point in the history of our education, where we can either reinvent ourselves and be the foundation of what I think is saving our country. Or we can cling to who we used to be and become irrelevant.”

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, President of Amarillo College, will deliver the keynote address during the 2019 Florida College Access Network Summit Welcome Luncheon on May 7.

In addition to helping kick off the 2019 FCAN Summit, Dr. Lowery-Hart is also the first guest in this year’s Summit Speaker Series, which gives a select group of presenters and speakers the opportunity to share information about their sessions prior to the convening, which will take place May 7-8 at the Rosen Centre Orlando.

Amarillo College recently earned national acclaim for its “No Excuses Poverty Initiative,” earning the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award at the 25th anniversary Community College Futures Assembly in San Antonio. Thanks to Dr. Lowery-Hart’s leadership, Amarillo College’s completion rates are climbing and other institutions are clamoring to learn how they did it.

During his chat with FCAN, the higher education innovator addressed the role that colleges play in their respective communities, spoke about food and housing insecurity on college campuses, and much more. Click below to join the conversation.


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Key takeaways from “No Excuses Poverty Initiative: Building Systemic Support for Low-Income Students”
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Join the conversation at the 2019 Florida College Access Network Summit

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