Sue Gallagher

As Black History Month comes to close, FCAN is offering a sneak peek at an upcoming presentation that looks back at the history of race relations in Broward County and how that knowledge can be used to advance student outcomes.

Sue Gallagher, Chief Innovation Officer for the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, recently spoke with FCAN as part of our Summit Speaker Series.

FCAN’s recently launched series gives a select group of presenters the opportunity to share information about their sessions prior to the 2018 Florida College Access Network Summit. Gallagher will lead a session titled, “Understanding the History of Racism and Racial Bias to Move Forward with Improving Student Outcomes.”

During her chat with FCAN, Gallagher talked about the approach she takes toward exploring the subject of race in open and productive forums, how she first became interested in examining the history of racial bias in education systems, and more.

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