Filmmakers Adam and Jaye Fenderson

“When we were looking at the next documentary…we kind of looked back at the struggles that we see in these students’ lives once they get to college, and the challenges that they face trying to actually complete.”

After finishing work on their award-winning 2011 documentary First Generation — which followed the journey of four students who were the first in their families to attend college — filmmaker Adam Fenderson and his co-director/wife Jaye quickly settled on the next set of stories they wanted to tell.

Their new film is Unlikely, a powerful documentary that follows five individuals failed by the higher education system in their fight for a second chance. Florida College Access Network will host a screening of Unlikely during the 2019 FCAN Summit on May 7. Adam will also take part in a lively filmmaker discussion following the screening.

In the latest installment of FCAN’s Summit Speaker Series — which gives a select group of presenters and speakers the opportunity to share information about their sessions prior to the summit — Adam talked to FCAN about the inspiration for the film and the documentary’s investigation of America’s college dropout crisis.


To learn more about Unlikely — including how to attend or host a screening in your town — visit

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