Last week in Tallahassee, State University System of Florida members, state lawmakers and business leaders formally announced a new campaign, Think Florida: A Higher Degree for Business. The initiative aims to support and nurture collaborative efforts between Florida universities and businesses.

Coinciding with the announcement was the launch of a new Think Florida website and social media campaign to promote the initiative. Also planned are presentations at future Board of Governor meetings to discuss the impact such partnerships have on the state’s economy.

“Private businesses play a huge role in the success of our universities, just like our universities play a huge role in the success of our businesses,” said Florida Representative Erik Fresen in a press release. “It only makes sense the two are stronger if they work together.”

The effort aligns with Governor Rick Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work!” College Challenge, which calls for Florida’s 28 state colleges to ensure 100% of their full-time students graduate to attend a four-year university or join the workforce within three years. Both efforts seek to strengthen the bridge from degree to career for Florida students.

In addition to partnerships between Florida businesses and universities, the new Think Florida website will highlight entrepreneurial achievements of alumni and university programs that align with Florida’s in-demand industries.

Learn more about Think Florida in coverage from the Tallahassee Democrat and press release from the Florida Board of Governors.

Image Credit: Florida Board of Governors Twitter page

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