In this week’s recommended webinars on college access, find out about new approaches to 12th grade that better prepare students for college, learn practical lessons from 15 cities on community partnerships, and discover how a group of high school teachers created a transitional math class so successful in preparing students for college-level work, it is now being rolled out statewide.

Rethinking 12th Grade: Preparing All Students for College Before College
Wednesday, Mar. 5, 11am EST

Join Joel Vargas, Vice President of Jobs for the Future; Elizabeth Barnett, Senior Research Associate at the Community College Research Center; and Robert Denn, Dean of School Relations and University Articulation at Chattanooga State Community College for a talk about the purpose and design of 12th grade.  The presenters will describe some early approaches, such as transition course strategies, for getting more students ready for college before graduating high school, summarize research about their impact, and identify areas where more innovation is likely to be needed.

This is a webinar from the US Department of Education’s College Access Affinity Group.

Tangible Lessons from the Field: What Makes Community Partnerships Successful?
Wednesday, Mar. 6, 3pm EST

What does a successful community-wide college completion agenda really look like?  What does it take to get there?  Drawing upon practical lessons from the 15 cities in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Community Partnerships portfolio, presenters from the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning will break down questions about how partnership, data, commitment building, and policy and practice changes that can set the stage for this painstaking work and accelerate opportunities for student success.

This webinar is sponsored by the National College Access Network

Using Transitional Coursework in High School to Improve College Success
Friday Mar. 7,  2pm EST

Remedial education at two-year colleges is a hot topic. With high school diplomas no longer guaranteeing college readiness, nationally 60 percent of community college students enroll in at least one remedial class. This is a pressing issue for anyone concerned with timely college completion, persistence in higher education and student loan debt.  Join Education Week for this webinar featuring a researcher and a community-college administrator, who will talk about recent state developments in this area, including a program in Tennessee where college faculty and high school teachers created a transitional math course so successful, it is now being rolled out statewide.

Underwriting for this webinar is provided by the
Lumina Foundation.

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