Approximately 93% of 2014 graduates with records found in national employment and education databases landed jobs a year after college, while 30% went on to continue their education, according to a recent study from the Florida Board of Governors.

Of those finding jobs a year after college, two-thirds worked full-time and achieved a median starting salary of $36,300, far above the minimum annual full-time wage of $16,494.

The Graduate Follow-Up Study provides information on job attainment, starting wages, and postsecondary enrollment for the Baccalaureate Class of 2014.

“This report has the potential to be a guiding document for our students, families, educators and policymakers because it tells us how our bachelor’s graduates fare once they get their diplomas,” said Board of Governors’ Chair Tom Kuntz in a press release. “While we certainly won’t let-up on our quest for greater accountability and performance, I think the answer reflected in this report is that our bachelor’s graduates fare very well.”

To learn more, read the Florida Board of Governor’s press release. Access the full report as well as an infographic with highlights from the study here.


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