Even for those who strive to stay up to date on the K-12 standards movement in Florida, separating fact from fiction can be a formidable challenge. Despite on-going debates, name changes and a new education commissioner, the Florida Standards continue to forge ahead.

According to a new white paper released by the Florida Consortium of Education Foundations (CFEF) this week, the Florida Standards movement marks a significant milestone for our state.  But even with bi-partisan support for the new standards and their formal adoption almost four years ago, some common misconceptions persist. The paper by CFEF addresses some of the more common concerns voiced in our state over the past year, including federal government involvement, student data sharing and the rigor of the new math and English language arts standards.

In addition to looking back, the paper also provides insight as to where our state is today as we work toward full implementation of the standards and development of new assessments.  In addition to several organizations that support the standards, such as the Florida Philanthropic Network, the Florida Council of 100 and Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida C.A.N.! endorsed them in a June 2013 brief on improving the level of college and career readiness of our students.

To read the white paper and learn more about how education foundations are supporting public education around the state, visit the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations site.


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