Did you know that the average worker will have eight different jobs in their lifetime? Or that there are more than a quarter of a million job openings in Florida waiting for the right person?

A new video released by FloridaWins.org, a non-partisan advocacy website created by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, highlights why education is important to closing the state’s skills gap and encourages businesses to invest in “today’s learners who will become tomorrow’s earners.” To help Florida remain globally competitive, businesses must help workers continue to develop their skills by engaging in workforce training opportunities and earning key certifications.

The video also offers a positive glance at the progress made by Florida’s education system, pointing out the rise of high school graduation rates to 76.1% and how rigorous K-12 standards have begun to narrow the achievement gap, but affirms Florida must continue to raise expectations to remain globally competitive.

Recognizing the business community as a key player to the enhancement of Florida education, the video aims to help business professionals recognize the impact Florida’s education system has on the local business climate. Watch the video here and share with others who have stake in the Florida education system.


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