The future is bright for FCAN!

After more than six months of research, input from hundreds of stakeholders, an insightful evaluation, and hard work by a steering committee that devoted many hours to envisioning the future, we are pleased to introduce our 2020 – 2025 strategic plan.

The plan articulates our new mission, vision, core values, roles, and goals for the next five years. It creates a roadmap for the important work ahead to ensure all Floridians have the degrees and credentials needed to thrive in the state’s rapidly evolving economy.

“This plan not only charts FCAN’s future, but also reflects the value of the network and the tremendous impact we can make when we work together across sectors, systems and regions to benefit students,” said Laurie Meggesin, FCAN’s executive director. “It underscores FCAN’s commitment to our relationships and our work, and I believe it will help lift the network to a whole new level of impact.”

New mission, vision, and Seven Conditions for Success guide the work ahead

Seven years ago, when FCAN launched its first strategic plan, it aimed to support the development of local college access networks throughout the state and build partnerships with state organizations.

Today, 17 regional networks have forged partnerships with over 700 organizations and collectively serve 82% of the state’s population.  Additionally, FCAN partners with dozens of state and national organizations committed to dramatically increasing the proportion of Floridians who achieve a degree or credential beyond high school.

Our new mission reflects the strength and potential of this network:  We lead the collaborative movement to ensure every Floridian achieves an education beyond high school and a rewarding career. The power of the movement and what it can achieve is also reflected in our new vision:  We envision a Florida working together where education is the pathway to economic mobility for all.

FCAN’s new Seven Conditions for Success serve as a guide to identify and elevate the policies and practices with the greatest promise to achieving that vision:

  1. Opportunity for Everyone: To build a talent-strong economy, all Floridians need access to a postsecondary education and the supports to complete it.
  2. Clear information and guidance: Students of all ages and families need exposure and counseling early and often to make informed decisions about their futures.
  3. Affordable: Postsecondary education needs to be within everyone’s financial reach, regardless of household income or life circumstances.
  4. Multiple Pathways to Success: Floridians benefit from multiple learning opportunities for academic achievement and career advancement.
  5. Lifelong learning: No degree or credential is “one and done;” Floridians need to prepare for career changes through continuous learning.
  6. Effective use of data: Transparent access to data on education and economic outcomes, especially for Florida’s diverse populations, help achieve our goals.
  7. Community Collaboration: When community partners work together toward a shared vision, they remove barriers, build a robust workforce, and improve the quality of life for their regions.

We will advance these Seven Conditions for Success through our organizational goals for 2020-2025:

  • Forge and strengthen partnerships to build capacity throughout the network.
  • Serve as an independent provider of Florida-specific, student-centered, evidence-based research and data.
  • Advance understanding of equity disparities and opportunities to address them.
  • Catalyze the movement to impact policy at the state, federal, and local levels.
  • Build the organization’s capacity to accelerate long-term impact.
  • Build awareness and support for meaningful change to achieve FCAN’s vision for Florida.

We wish to thank our strategic planning committee, our funders and supporters, and our many partners for their participation in the development of this roadmap for the future.

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