At an appearance before the Association of Florida Colleges Trustee Commission last week, Governor Rick Scott called on all Florida College System institutions to ensure that 100% of their full-time students graduate to attend a four-year university or join the workforce within three years. Just hours later, all 28 institutions belonging to the Florida College System pledged to take on Florida Governor Rick Scott’s “Read, Set, Work” College Challenge.

The governor’s challenge was driven by the need for Florida’s state and community colleges to increase graduation rates, which currently stand at 43%.

“We want to diversify our economy and have the most skilled workforce so more businesses will want to move to Florida. That means we must have an educated workforce ready to fill jobs in competitive fields,” said Governor Scott in a press release. “That means we must have an educated workforce ready to fill jobs in competitive fields.”

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, Florida College System Chancellor Madeline Pumariega and a number of college presidents offered their comments on the governor’s challenge in a Florida Department of Education press release issued last Thursday.

“Governor Scott has once again challenged our state’s colleges to implement an initiative to ensure our students are career ready,” said Chancellor Pumariega. “Just as they did when he issued the $10,000 Degree Challenge, our colleges readily accepted, demonstrating their commitment to providing students with the skills they need to reach their academic and career goals.”

To follow further developments of Governor Scott’s college completion challenge, follow #ReadySetWork on Twitter and other social media outlets. Below are some of the statements issued in support of the governor’s challenge from Florida College System institutions on Twitter:

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