Last week in Orlando, Governor Rick Scott announced the “Finish in Four, Save More” Challenge at the Degrees to Jobs Summit to encourage Florida colleges and universities to help students finish their degrees on time, save money and enter the workforce.

“Florida’s students should have every opportunity to earn a degree without bearing the burden of excessive costs and fees,” said Governor Scott in a press release. “We don’t want our students graduating with mountains of debt, and our institutions have to do all they can to give students the flexibility to graduate within four years and get a good-paying job.”

Among the Governor’s recommendations to meet the challenge are to remove fees for online classes, advise students on the amount of money they will save upon graduating on-time, expand Bright Futures to cover summer courses, ensure students get credit for college and AP courses taken in high school and make it easier for students to get credits for internships.

You can learn more about the “Finish in Four, Save More” Challenge in the Governor’s press release and recording of the Degrees to Jobs Summit on the Florida Channel.


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