Florida College Access Network (Florida CAN) has released FAFSA completion data for the 2015-16 school year on its new and improved FAFSA Finish Line data dashboard.

The dashboard includes data for over 600 public schools in Florida and allows users to view school, district and state-level FAFSA completion rates data using several filters and search options.

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FAFSA completion rates are calculated by Florida CAN using state and federal data sources and will be updated every 1-2 weeks through June 2016 to help schools and districts monitor their progress in making sure students are financially prepared for postsecondary education and training opportunities.

New on the FAFSA Finish Line dashboard this year are different views of the data. Users of the tool can view FAFSA completion data on a map (Map view), in a table (List view) or look at school-level details and historical trends (Detail view).

First time using the Florida FAFSA Finish Line dashboard? Below are a few tips to help you get started:

How to use the Florida FAFSA Finish Line dashboard

  1. Use filters to find schools and make meaningful comparisons
  2. Use different views of the dashboard to see the data how you want to see it
  3. Hover over data to view details and additional information
  4. Download/export the data from the dashboard to create your own reports and visualizations
  5. Share or embed FAFSA Finish Line dashboard to help others in Florida view local FAFSA completion data

For a downloadable tutorial with helpful images and instructions for using the Florida FAFSA Finish Line, follow this link or click the image below.

Last December, Florida CAN announced the Florida FAFSA Challenge, a new initiative to get schools and districts to set goals to improve their FAFSA completion rates by at least 5% in 2016. Schools and districts with the highest FAFSA completion rates, the most improvement over last year and are fastest to beating last year’s performance will receive recognition and a trophy from Florida CAN.

To learn more about the Florida FAFSA challenge, follow this link.

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