In 2008, Florida cut Advanced Placement (AP) program funding 34%. This year the Florida Senate has proposed to slash AP funding again by another 50%. The money is used to train teachers to teach AP courses, pay for the tests, and offer bonuses to AP teachers.

This move is surprising given the great success and national distinction that Florida has achieved in the AP program. Further reductions to the AP program will compel schools to offer fewer courses, meaning that our schools will graduate fewer students who are college-ready. While the budget situation is dire, we will not serve our long-term economic needs by producing fewer students who are ready to enter college or the workforce of the 21st Century. The AP program in Florida is a valuable college readiness program that should not suffer another round of budget cuts. Indeed, the AP program has registered such impressive successes that it merits higher levels of state investment to expand educational opportunities for all students. We expect our elected officials to make tough decisions in tough economic times, but drastic reductions to a proven success story is not tough; its just wrong.

Read the full policy alert on our website.

UPDATE: 4/29/2009 – AP,IB funding safe (via St. Petersbug Times’ The Gradebook)

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