Sandra Beauburn, Miami Dade College student

In 2013, the Florida Legislature (Senate Bill 1720) made remediation optional for the majority of students entering Florida’s public colleges. With more students opting out of developmental education coursework and going directly into credit-bearing courses, Florida colleges implemented strategies to support students who need extra academic help to succeed in their college-level courses.

Florida College Access Network (FCAN) has released a new multi-media project that highlights some of the innovative strategies Florida College System (FCS) institutions have implemented to help students succeed in those credit-bearing English and Mathematics courses, from the students’ perspective. “Florida Developmental Education Reform: How Colleges are Paving Pathways to Student Success” features stories from Daytona State College and Miami Dade College, as well as video interviews with seven students discussing the ways their respective colleges have supported their postsecondary ambitions.

“The students’ experiences highlight the importance of FCS strategies, including those implemented by Daytona State and Miami Dade College, to give students the extra support they need to be successful in college-level English and math coursework,” said Laurie Meggesin, FCAN’s executive director.  “When supports are designed with a laser focus on meeting students where they are, students are much more likely to succeed.”

Daytona State College’s English Studio and Miami Dade College’s mix of math academic supports are just two examples of how Florida colleges are implementing Florida developmental education reform.

“The English Studio exemplifies Daytona State’s commitment to innovative practices that provide the right support to all students when they need it most — ultimately helping them thrive academically and in life,” said Dr. Tom LoBasso, President of Daytona State College.  “This project shines a spotlight on how we serve the students who put their trust in us to help them succeed.” 

“As one the largest institutions in the country, Miami Dade College is dedicated to providing all students an exceptional learning environment that not only challenges them, but supports and empowers them to attain their academic and career goals,” said Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, president of Miami Dade College. “FCAN’s student stories showcase MDC’s commitment to math coursework directly related to students’ programs of study, providing them with additional support when needed to set them up for success in and out of the classroom.”

Visit to read the stories and watch the videos.

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