In light of the rapidly changing current events around COVID-19, FCAN is here to help by providing and highlighting resources to support students as many schools and districts are moving to online learning. Here are a few resources available to help your students during this time:

EducationQuest Foundation
This organization provides free college planning information for high school students and many resources around FAFSA. These videos can be shared with parents and mentors to help educate them on the FAFSA when assisting their students. There are demonstration videos on every section of the FAFSA and all can be found here.

The high cost of internet service is a significant problem for many people. Though plans can be costly, options are still available to those on limited and even fixed incomes. BroadbandNow’s guide covers low-cost and free internet options for households with low- or fixed-income, as well as how to apply to government and non-government programs for affordable broadband.

Online Communication
Your district may be providing you with tools to communicate with your students virtually, but don’t forget resources like Skype and Zoom (the free version) to host virtual face-to-face meetings with students. There are also texting platforms, such as Remind, where you can communicate information to your students as frequently as needed.

These resources can also help you follow-up with students who haven’t completed the FAFSA. (If you have access to the OSFA database, you can track students’ FAFSA and FFAA statuses.) Read FCAN’s blog post on closing the gap to learn more about submitted vs. completed FAFSAs and the impact it can have on your community.

You may discover the reason a student’s FAFSA is not completed is that they were selected for verification. You can view FCAN’s past webinar on verification to learn more about the process some students might go through and how to best help and support them.


How the education field is responding: A roundup of COVID-19 resources

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