The 2022 regular legislative session ends on March 11th, when many legislators will return to their districts and focus on this year’s election. Even with the comprehensive changes to workforce education last year, House and Senate leaders continue to focus on building a Talent Strong Florida through targeted higher education and workforce programs. 

Proposals in this session update also outline the Legislature’s efforts to address Florida’s workforce shortage by providing tuition waivers to out-of-state students and creating a matching grant program to expand nursing education programs.

Aside from workforce expansion efforts, both chambers have been tasked with redistricting efforts, drawing State Senate and House and Congressional maps, an event that happens after the administration of the census every 10 years.  

FCAN’s 2022 Florida Legislative Session Update is the second in a series of FCAN releases during session to track policy updates related to college and career readiness, access, and success.

Click here to view FCAN’s 2022 Florida Legislative Update.


2022 Florida Legislative Session Preview

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