Florida College Access Network (FCAN) released today a new brief which outlines the state’s efforts to strengthen its nationally recognized 2+2 transfer pathway and increase the number of students who earn a degree and enter the workforce. FCAN also released an interactive data dashboard, which shows the transfer pathways of over 21,500 students who transferred from Florida College System institutions to State University System of Florida institutions in Fall 2016.

Building on state policies that have been in existence for decades, virtually all state colleges and universities now have enhanced articulation agreements between institutions, which can guarantee admission to a specific university for students who earn an associate’s degree and meet other benchmarks and criteria. These partnerships rely on evidence-based strategies and provide students tailored advising and other supports that promote degree completion.

“Programs like DirectConnect to UCF (University of Central Florida), Connect4Success at FIU (Florida International University), and FUSE at USF (University of South Florida) show us what’s possible when we combine partnerships and evidence-based approaches to improve student outcomes,” said Troy Miller, FCAN’s associate director for research and policy.

Click image to view data dashboard

The brief includes best practices from the transfer partnerships referenced above, provides an overview of transfer student outcomes in Florida, and highlights additional opportunities for strengthening Florida’s transfer student pipeline.

Recommendations in the brief include seeking opportunities to use state financial aid to boost transfer student outcomes, improving transparency and reporting of transfer student data, and monitoring access and choice for Florida College System graduates across the state.


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