Date:  January 14, 2019
In 2013, the Florida Legislature dramatically changed how Florida’s state colleges support students who need extra academic help to succeed in college-level courses. Before the law changed, all incoming students were required to take assessment tests to gauge whether they were academically ready for college-level courses. Students who fell short had to enroll in developmental courses, which did not earn them college credit. Under the new law, certain students no longer have to take the tests or developmental courses, and can enroll directly into classes that earn them college credit.

Florida colleges have stepped up by providing students with extra academic supports to help them succeed in credit-earning courses. These supports are essential to ensure the legislature’s goal is realized: for Florida college students to successfully complete a credential — on time and at low-cost — that sets them on a path to a rewarding career. Daytona State College’s English Studio and Miami Dade College’s mix of math academic supports are just two examples of how Florida colleges are implementing Florida developmental education reform.

Click the Download Now button to read about each program, and visit FCAN’s Florida Developmental Education Reform page for more information and to view video interviews with seven Florida college students..

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