Every year, low-income students from across the United States are empowered to pursue and achieve their postsecondary dreams because they received a federal Pell Grant. Nearly 9 million students benefited from receiving this form of support from the federal government during the 2015-16 academic year.

This year, the White House announced the maximum Pell award students attending college during the 2017-18 school year can receive is $5,920. That’s enough to cover all of in-state tuition and fees at Florida’s 28 state colleges, and the bulk of tuition and fees at Florida’s 12 state universities.

Yet the value of this grant continues to fall as college costs rise, and some lawmakers this year sought to remove federal funds from the program’s surplus. Because of the Pell Grant program’s profound impact on higher education, National College Access Network (NCAN) is asking its partners to express why they are Thankful for Pell, and we are encouraging you to express your thanks, too.

Join Florida CAN and NCAN in showing appreciation for the crucial Pell Grant Program on November 14-20, 2016. Here are three things you can do seamlessly using the resources available in NCAN’s Action Center:

Write to Congress
Write to your elected officials and make clear how important the Pell Grant is to your students. NCAN created letter templates for professionals working for a college access program, and for students who have received a Pell Grant while in school. You and your students are encouraged to customize these letters as much as possible.

Express Thanks on Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms
During the week of November 14-20, swap out your Twitter profile photo with the Thankful4Pell logo. In addition, be sure share these sample social media messages by NCAN or compose your own messages using #Thankful4Pell. You can also follow and share posts directly from NCAN on Twitter and Facebook.

Help us in helping NCAN to spread the word!
Share this campaign far and wide with your local partners, funders and students, who can find #Thankful4Pell materials customized for them here on NCAN’s website.

Have questions regarding the Thankful for Pell campaign? Contact Allie Ciaramella, NCAN’s Communications Manager.


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