Helping students develop responsible money management skills has never been more important. With the cost of education rising, young people often take on significant financial obligations before they fully understand how debt works. Giving these students the necessary tools can help them learn how to invest in their education without sacrificing their financial freedom.

FCAN’s Amy Bolick, Community Engagement and Programs Manager, recently hosted Wells Fargo’s Mariana Ordaz, Community Support Representative for Florida, for a discussion about a helpful tool from Wells Fargo that educators can use to discuss financial literacy with students.

Interactive Content Engages Young Minds

To address this need for financial awareness, Wells Fargo created the free educational tool Hands On Banking. This tool features interactive content that educators can use with a classroom, or can assign for independent and self-paced use. Lesson plans are available for age levels ranging from elementary school to young adults.

Activities within Hands On Banking include creating a sample budget, developing a savings plan, and calculating the actual cost of a loan. This information is all delivered through age-appropriate exercises in both English and Spanish.

Wells Fargo at Your School

Wells Fargo’s commitment to financial literacy extends beyond Hands On Banking. Throughout the state of Florida, Wells Fargo professionals are available to come to your school and speak to students and/or parents about issues related to financial aid, saving for college, and more.

To schedule a Wells Fargo employee to speak at your school, contact Mariana Ordaz, the Community Support Representative for Florida, at

Join Us for the 2018 FCAN Summit

FCAN would also like to thank Wells Fargo for their support as the presenting sponsor at the 2018 Florida College Access Network Summit. Register today and join us on May 10-11 to learn how more community partners across the state are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs.

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