Students and their families are often confused by the myriad ways to pay for college.  How to bridge the gap between family funds, financial aid and the total cost of paying for college?  Funding their college education shouldn’t be a mystery.  FCAN’s Paying for College webinar series breaks it down so you can help reduce confusion for the students you guide.  Having a better grasp of the funding landscape can help students build a sound plan to pay for their postsecondary education. Register today for Part IV.

Part III:  Financial Aid Updates and Special Circumstances

Guest presenters:

  • Carrie Warick, Director of Policy & Advocacy, National College Attainment Network
  • Daniel Barkowitz, Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid / Veteran’s Affairs, Valencia College

FCAN hostKathy McDonald, Assistant Director for Network Partnerships

With the latest omnibus spending/COVID relief bill passed, there are several ways financial aid will change. Carrie Warick will join us to share an update on how student-centered approaches will improve access to financial aid, including FAFSA simplification, expanded Pell eligibility and changes to expected family contribution (EFC). These changes will better equip families as they build a plan to pay for college. Daniel Barkowitz will share how students impacted by COVID-19 can work with their financial aid administrators for a professional judgment adjustment in response to their special circumstances.  Register for Part III in the series to hear how early awareness along with a simplified FAFSA will improve advisors’ ability to guide students.  Get all the latest updates!

In this session, you will learn:

  • Important ways FAFSA will be simplified that should make it easier for students to complete.
  • How Expected Family Contribution (EFC) will change to the Student Aid Index (SAI), and what this means for students.
  • How the new way to measure Pell Grant eligibility will make it easier for students to learn earlier in the process whether they qualify and expands the number of students receiving the maximum amount.
  • How students impacted by COVID-19 can work with their financial aid administrators to adjust their financial aid package through professional judgment.

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Event Details

Webinar: Paying for College, Part III: Financial Aid Updates and Special Circumstances
Date and Time: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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