Keep students on track with a newly-launched toolkit.

In 2015, a unique collaboration was formed through the Central Florida College Access Network (CFCAN) called Destination Graduation.  Heart of Florida United Way and Seminole State College collaborated to assist students with “life” needs in order to help keep them in college. Three years later, at-risk students were re-enrolling at rates 25 percentage points higher than at-risk students without assistance. These results continue to show that comprehensive support helps students stay in college so they can earn their degree.

Keren Rohena, Program Manager for Destination Graduation, and Dr. Jan Lloyd-Lesley, Student Development Associate Vice President at Seminole State College, will join Kathy McDonald, FCAN’s Assistant Director for Network Partnerships, to share their program and their newly launched toolkit.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The most effective supports for helping students address “life” needs that can disrupt college success
  • How to implement a similar program in your community using the Destination Graduation toolkit
  • How community partnerships provide strengths in non-academic areas so colleges can focus on what they do best

Students today need their local colleges in new ways. Studies like Still Hungry and Homeless in College highlight the complex needs of today’s college students that often extend beyond academics into struggles with housing and food insecurity, reliable childcare, access to transportation and legal aid. If we are committed to ensuring students stay in college to finish their credential, they often need help with these “life” challenges. Destination Graduation takes a comprehensive approach, providing timely referrals to community services and emergency aid to those facing immediate need. Their new toolkit will help answer the question that many college leaders ask, “How do I implement a similar strategy at my institution with shrinking budgets?”  Destination Graduation’s answer — through community collaboration!

Event Details

Webinar: “Stay: How Community Collaboration Helps Students Stay in College by Meeting ‘Life’ Needs”
Date and Time: Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 1-2 p.m. EST
Registration Link:

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