“Where there’s overlap, there’s wasting of time. If we work together, we can be working better.”

When community partners work together toward a shared vision, they remove barriers, build a resilient workforce, and improve the quality of life for their respective regions.

During the 2023 Talent Strong Florida Summit, Dr. Synthia Doaks, Director of Elevate Brevard, Jarvis Wheeler, Senior Statewide Director of Community Partnership School Strategies for Children’s Home Society of Florida, and Kelly Astro, Director of Evans Community Partnership School, Children’s Home Society of Florida, will lead a session titled “Collaboration Between Local College Access Networks and Community Partnership Schools.”

In the latest episode of the Summer Speaker Series, the trio preview their session at the summit and discuss some of the benefits of the Community Partnership School model.

The 2023 Talent Strong Florida Summit will feature nearly 40 sessions connected to FCAN’s Seven Conditions That Create a Resilient Workforce and Spark Economic Mobility. The theme of this year’s summit — “Engage & Empower” — emphasizes the critical role of mental health and inclusivity in college and career readiness

Visit www.fcansummit.org for more information on all the sessions and to register for the 2023 Talent Strong Florida Summit.

You can also download and subscribe to the Florida College Access Network Podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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