Justin Ortagus

“The decision to leave college is often way more complex than not having the grades or being unable to pay tuition.”

What are some of the factors that lead academically successful students to stop enrolling in college? What motivates these same students to return?

Justin Ortagus, Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration & Policy and Director of the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Florida (UF), and Melvin Tanner, a Doctoral Candidate at UF, will address those questions and many others at the 2019 Florida College Access Network Summit when they present a session titled “Why Do Students Leave College? Preliminary Results From a Research-Practice Partnership.”

The duo has been working directly with five high-enrollment Florida College System (FCS) institutions to invite students to re-enroll and complete their degree. In the latest installment of FCAN’s Summit Speaker Series, Justin talks about his own professional background, the origins of the research-practice partnership, and (without giving away too much ahead of the summit) some of the more surprising findings of their research so far.

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