width=Big news! Florida College Access Network (FCAN) has a new logo and brand identity. In the coming months you will increasingly see our new look on FCAN’s Facebook and Twitter pages, newsletter, and other materials, and in the near future you will see it in our redesigned website.

We believe that FCAN’s new look reflects who we are today: a statewide network at the heart of a movement to ensure all Floridians have the opportunity to achieve an education beyond high school and thrive in Florida’s dynamic economy.

Our new design reflects our values, partnerships, and vision for Florida’s future. The curved icon represents the spirit of collective action that will help us achieve FCAN’s Big Goal: for at least 60% of all working-age Floridians to hold a high-quality postsecondary degree or credential by the year 2025.  It also represents the many pathways to success through education beyond high school, including four-year degrees, two-year degrees, and vocational certificates. Finally, it alludes to the Sunshine State and the promise of a vibrant future that postsecondary education holds for Florida students, families and communities.

We hope that you like FCAN’s new look as much as we do!  Be on the lookout for more updates, including our new website, in the weeks and months to come!


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