A Message from Florida College Access Network

Like the rest of our nation and the world, FCAN is mourning the senseless killings of George Floyd and the many black men and women—including Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor—whose lives were taken because deep-rooted patterns of systemic racism still run rampant in our country.  People of color continue to suffer injustice across all dimensions of our society, and it is past time that we dismantle and replace the structures that enable it to endure.

It will take each and every one of us, and all of us together, to change the systems that hold racial inequities in place.  FCAN believes that Florida’s diversity is our strength and is essential to creating a better future for all of us.

People of color are suffering injustice not only due to police brutality and hate crimes, but also generational poverty and barriers to health care, education, and economic mobility. Many of these barriers are caused by systems that disenfranchise communities of color.  We must replace such systems with equitable structures that level the playing field for all people, regardless of skin color or zip code.

FCAN commits to being part of the solution.

Recently, as FCAN developed our new strategic plan, FCAN and our partners worked together to develop strategies to combat the longstanding inequities underlying systemic barriers to college access and success, in order to advance education and employment outcomes for all Floridians.  FCAN is devoted to addressing barriers to education equity in every corner of our work.

We know that change won’t happen overnight.  Yet we must all be resolute in our focus to end racial injustice.  We invite you to join us, work with us, and hold us accountable.  We stand ready to partner with you and support you in the important work ahead.

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