Computer science education, International Baccalaureate (IB) teacher bonuses, career and technical education (CTE) expansion, and an alternative pathway to graduation on the agenda

The 2024 regular legislative session ends on March 8th, when many legislators will return to their districts and likely turn their eye to the November 2024 elections. Senate and House leadership continue focusing on career and technical education, while also looking to provide more comprehensive computer science education to students in the K-12 system.

Since FCAN released its session preview last month, the Legislature has considered and moved various bills through the legislative process that stand to directly impact postsecondary students in their educational and workforce journey in the Sunshine State.

FCAN’s 2024 Florida Legislative Session Update outlines the Legislature’s efforts to address Florida’s healthcare workforce shortage, focus on CTE by creating a related task force, and add a specialized transfer degree for Florida College System (FCS) students.

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