Florida CAN has released 2016-17 FAFSA completion rates on its new and improved FAFSA Finish Line data dashboard.

The dashboard includes data for over 600 public schools in Florida and allows users to view school, district and state-level FAFSA completion rates using nine different filters and search options.

New on the dashboard this year is a “School Detail” page, which allows users to view FAFSA completion and submission data for the current and previous school year, in addition to an overview of weekly progress.

Also new on the dashboard is a “Download Data” button, which allows users to easily download a spreadsheet with current and archived FAFSA completion and submission data.

In October, Florida CAN announced the Florida FAFSA Challenge, a new initiative to encourage schools and districts to set goals to improve their FAFSA completion rates by at least 5% in 2017.  Schools and districts with the highest FAFSA completion rates, the most improvement over last year, and the fastest at beating their previous year’s performance will win trophies and accolades from Florida CAN.

The 2016-17 Florida FAFSA Challenge ends March 31, 2017.  The top performing schools and districts will be announced by Florida CAN in April.

Check out the Florida CAN blog for weekly updates for the Florida FAFSA Challenge.  The February 3rd update to the leaderboard can be found here.

To learn more about the Florida FAFSA challenge, follow this link.


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