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Florida CAN is challenging all Florida schools and districts to boost FAFSA completion rates in 2016! While most Floridians would agree that a postsecondary education is important, college feels out of reach to many Florida students who fear they won’t be able to afford it. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which qualifies students for Pell Grants and other forms of federal and state financial aid, is the first step in making college affordable for students.

The Florida FAFSA Challenge is a new statewide campaign to increase the proportion of Florida high school seniors who complete the FAFSA. The challenge encourages all Florida schools and districts to set a FAFSA completion goal 5% higher than their rate as of March 31 of last year or alternatively, a goal that fits their school’s unique circumstances. Schools that meet their goals by March 31, 2016 will be eligible for awards and recognition by Florida CAN. To help schools and districts achieve their FAFSA completion goal, Florida CAN has also released the FAFSA Completion Toolkit, a one-stop guide with resources and strategies to improve FAFSA completion. Florida CAN will celebrate the progress and success of all schools and districts that make significant strides in FAFSA completion by March 31, 2016. Award categories are:

The Winners Circle

    1. “MVP” (Highest FAFSA completion rate through March 31st)
    2. “Most Improved” (Highest improvement in their FAFSA completion rate since March 31st)
    3. “Fastest Lap” (Beat their FAFSA completion rate from last year by 5% in the fewest amount of days; must have a FAFSA completion rate of at least 20% in 2016 to qualify)


Florida schools and districts that set and achieve a FAFSA completion goal through March 31, 2016. Schools must register at this link to qualify.


All Florida schools and districts that boost FAFSA completion by at least 5% from last year.

To participate in the Florida FAFSA Challenge, register here. A printable, easy-to-share version of Florida FAFSA Challenge details can also be found on this one-pager.

To find the FAFSA completion rate for your school or district as of March 31, 2015, visit the Florida FAFSA Finish Line data dashboard. Check back during FAFSA season to track your progress: the dashboard will be updated regularly, providing real-time information on FAFSA completion rates for schools and districts across the state.

If you have questions regarding the Florida FAFSA Challenge, call or email Florida CAN’s Special Projects Coordinator, Arianna Pineiro at or 813-974-6429.

The Florida FAFSA Challenge is possible thanks to the support of the Helios Education Foundation and Swift Family Foundation.

Note (2/4/16): This post has been updated to include a hyperlinked image to the Florida FAFSA Finish Line data dashboard, now with completion data through January 29, 2016. 


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