By now, many Florida high school seniors have had a chance to review financial aid offers from colleges, based on their completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which qualifies them for federal grants, loans and work-study jobs and some state aid programs, too. Too many students, don’t take this chance though, because they never filled out a completed FAFSA.

Which high schools have done the best job at getting their seniors to submit the FAFSA?

Find out by viewing our latest update to the Florida FAFSA Finish Line, where you can see charts of public high schools with the highest FAFSA completion rate, as well as schools demonstrating the greatest biweekly improvement.

The answer so far, based on data through May 23, shows that magnet schools in South Florida lead the pack, with schools like Ft. Lauderdale’s College Academy at Broward Community College and Miami’s  Design and Architecture Senior High and School for Advanced Studies all posting that more than 75% of their students filled out the FAFSA.

Statewide, only 35% of Florida’s 182,579 high school seniors have so far submitted a FAFSA.  Last year alone, high school graduates in our state left behind over $100 million in Pell grants by simply not completing the form. Students interested in receiving federal aid for college are still in time to fill out the form at

Below are the top performing public schools in Florida as of May 23.  View the interactive tables now to create your own groups and see where schools in your area rank!

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