The 2022 regular legislative session adjourned sine die on March 14th, just a few days after the scheduled end date of March 11th.

Lawmakers had to extend in order to vote on a record-breaking $112.1 billion budget, supporting a variety of new and continued initiatives. Additional state dollars for teacher raises, a 5.38% wage increase for state employees, and increased per-pupil funding are just some of the highlights of this historic budget.

In total, 3,685 bills were filed this session and 275 passed. Of the 275, major policy changes include further progress in unifying workforce education initiatives, substantial modification of the standardized testing system, and the creation of a new nursing program to address a critical workforce need.

FCAN’s 2022 Florida Legislative Session Recap is the third and final part in a series of FCAN releases during session to track policy updates related to college and career readiness, access, and success.

Click here to view FCAN’s 2022 Florida Legislative Recap.


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